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ChatGPT launches: How PPC is being revolutionized by generative AI

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It’s difficult to believe it’s only been a year considering that ChatGPT burst onto the scene and captured the world’s interest with its remarkably adept chatbot that generates human-like text on command.

Once users moved on from attempting the chatbot for stupid things like writing jokes or letters in Shakespeare’s voice, greater useful applications emerged.

Teachers discovered how to use large language fashions to train complex subjects to college students.

Hollywood writers negotiated new contracts to hold earning a residing when genAI should use their thoughts to create new plot twists.

And software program companies delivered genAI to their tools to simplify mundane obligations.

For PPC marketers, ChatGPT also unlocked game-converting capability. Here’s a glance lower back at ChatGPT’s first yr and what we will expect subsequent from this transformative technology.


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